Developing a draft

in my art-studio




1  Developing a draft

2  Cutting up the plate


4  I cover the plate with etching ground
    to protect it from the acid


5  I copy the major lines of the draft
    into the plate

6  I engrave the lines of the draft on the
    etching ground of the plate with a fine
    etching needle...


7  ...and thereby uncover the metal beneath.
    As soon as the composition has gained the
    desired shape, the first etching bath

8  Before dipping in the plate I protect the
    edges and the back of it. The duration of the
    acid bathing depends on the effect I want
    to achieve


9  I take a sample print to find aut the effect.
    I remove the edging ground from the plate

10  I give the whole plate a coat of printing
      ink and take off the superfluous ink
      with a gauze...


11  ...until I get a greyish shade of the plate,
      which serves as a background colouring

12  I put the prepared plate in the bed of the
      press, lay a moistened printing paper
      on it....


13  ...and cover it all with the printing felt.

14  Now everything is prepared for the
      printing itself


15  The printed sheets are dried between
      wood fibre cardboard...

16  ...and the etching is completed

3  I file the edges smooth